Korn Spur Nerd Outcry, Online Petition

Nerds of the world, unite and take over

So, Korn are in the midst of composing the theme song to the video game “Silent Hill: Downpour.” It is expected that more details about the song — brilliantly titled “Silent Hill” and will likely possess overtones of childhood trauma and whining, again — will be revealed soon.

The game will be released this winter, and while there hasn’t been a snippet of music released from Korn yet, the recent E3 announcement has rocked the nerd world.

I’m a game lover, don’t get me wrong. But I would never go online and bitch about a video game’s music. Especially a fucking Silent Hill game. Only a nerd would do that because the most recent ones really fucking sucked.

This group of Silent Hill nerds have even launched an online petition riddle with grammatical errors, calling for Konami to abandon the move.

“A nu metal band simply does not belong in Silent Hill and especially not one that deals with teenage angst themes,” says the petition. “That is not what silent hill is or will ever be and a nu metal band that was cool in the late 90′s and early 00′s will do no good for Silent Hill as a game.

“Neither will it do much good for the game’s reputation; we have already seen gaming journalists with headlines like ‘Barf! Korn to do Silent Hill: Downpour’s theme song;’ some people say bad press is better than no press but do we really want the franchise to be known as the game people make fun of or the deep and amazing experience we usually know it for? Korn has never done anything that is remotely fitting for the Silent Hill atmosphere and represents everything that Silent Hill isn’t.”

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