Lacuna Coil Singer Doesn’t Consider Herself Hot

Cristina Scabbia needs new glasses

Cristina ScabbiaCristina Scabbia

Cristina Scabbia


And I don’t consider myself smart.

Come on, Cristina. With cheekbones and a facial structure like yours, of course you’re hot.

Not to mention that body’s nothing but absolutely banging.

Yet, the Lacuna Coil singer claims “I have my up and downs and surely don’t look at myself in the mirror contemplating the (non-existing) ‘perfection.’”

Dude, that’s because your man doesn’t tell you enough how glorious you are. I’d be telling you at least every other day, love.

“That said, when I see polls or even ‘contests’ in between people (fans of different bands) about ‘which one is the hottest chick in metal or rock,’ I feel glad to be included but I also…kinda feel like puking a bit.”

At least she fucking admits it’s gross.

“How can you say a person is ‘hot’ or not? Based on (the generic idea of) beauty? ‘Hot,’ at least in my world and referred to a person, means someone who can be good looking (according to my personal taste so it doesn’t have to be universal) that has an interesting personality as well.”

You are good looking to everyone, Cristina. Every. One.

“In my life, I met super-good-looking guys that were as interesting and hot as a clam shell, therefore the ‘hot factor’ was not there at all, not even a chance.

“So the question (and I wait for your answers to see what you guys think of it, I am very interested) is: how can you know someone’s personality if you don’t personally know this person and say this human being is hot?”

We looked at you.

“Can really a static picture only make you think a person is ‘hot?’”

Yes. To answer your question. Yes indeed.

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