Lamb Of God Drummer Discusses Randy’s Upcoming Trial

Lamb Of God

Lamb of God are less than a week away from the launch of their tour with Sylosis, In Flames, and others. I’ve been trying to pin Chris Adler down for some more Adler Chatter fodder, but he’s been laying low.

An interview Chris did about a month ago has finally seen the light of day, and it’s interesting for a number of reasons.

Chris speaks as candidly as I know he does about Randy Blythe’s current legal situation in Prague. If you have no idea what that’s all about, you can catch up here.

In the interview, Adler reiterated that “the trial is set for January” and that Randy’s “fully intending on going back and we fully support his decision to do that and believe that he will be exonerated, believe that he is innocent, so for the moment, he’s out on bail and yeah, the spirits are high.”

Chris had previously told us the same thing. But it’s nice to see that the band’s so supportive of Randy’s upcoming legal fight.

“We’re really excited to have the opportunity to get back to work. The situation really reminded us how fragile and special it is — what we do. So we’re looking at every night as another great opportunity to do what we do. I don’t want to say that we took it for granted before, but it had become somewhat routine in a career, 16 or 17 years now, to do what we do and have it possibly end forever — in a blink of an eye — was pretty scary. We’re a little more awake about how awesome it is that we get to do this.”

Read the rest of what Chris had to say here.

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