Lamb Of God Frontman Discusses Recent Acquittal

Randy Blythe

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe is a free man this week, now that he’s been cleared of manslaughter charges. But a kid is still dead.

This is weighing heavily on Randy’s conscience.

On Instagram, Blythe said he is headed back home to the U.S.A. today. He also claims to have had a private conversation with the family of Daniel Nosek, who was the fan who Blythe allegedly interacted with; the kid dove from the stage, cracked his head open, and died two weeks later.

“I am leaving Prague now — I hope not to return for a long while. This has nothing to do with this city, the people who live here, or the Czech Republic itself at all. This is a wonderful place, & many people have been kind to me. Not a single soul here has been rude or mean to me at all, nor done me any harm — in fact it is quite the opposite. I have grown to love this city, for it is a marvelous, magical town. I encourage everyone to come visit here, to see this lovely country. But for me it is a place of great sadness,” says Randy.

“While I am relieved that my innocence was proven & apparently I shall not be going to prison, I am in no way shape or form a happy man right now. The small inconveniences I have been through since my arrest are not noteworthy. People go through much worse daily & still keep a smile on their faces, but currently my smiles are far & few between. A young man is still dead, & his family still suffers. Please remember that fact. This family did no wrong, & have shown me great kindness- with silence, with actions, & finally with words- they spoke on my behalf to the court, & we had a private talk afterwards.

“All I will say about that is that they were very kind to me & displayed the utmost strength & class, & wished me a good life. They just want to get on with their lives the best they can. I wish them only the best, & will keep them in my thoughts & prayers. Please do the same — think good thoughts of them & healing thoughts for them. Trust me, they are good people, & I mean that from the bottom of my heart. They did NOTHING wrong.

“This picture is from Kutna Hora, at the Sedlec Ossuary. I was there yesterday — like Prague, it is an amazing place. About this city, Kafka wrote: ‘Prague doesn’t let go…This old crone has claws. One has to yield, or else.’ I have found this to be true. I am yielding, I am leaving a part of myself here, I think. Some bit of me will always roam these streets at night, & that is only fitting. Now I will go home & try to see what good I can make come out the destruction that occurred here — it is the only correct thing to do. Rest in peace, Daniel Nosek.”

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