Lamb Of God Frontman Discusses Resolution Leak

Randy Blythe

Much like Jesse Leach maligned the leak of Times of Grace’s debut album this same time last year, Lamb Of God frontman and presidential hopeful Randy Blythe has taken to Twitter to comment on the leak of the group’s forthcoming LP, Resolution.

By the way, spare yourself: The fucking leaked version sounds like utter shit from what I hear. I have not downloaded it, I have just been informed the leak is pretty fucking awful and not representative of how solid the album is.

“Stoked that the leak of Resolution is SHIT,” Randy wrote on Twitter. “Just one reason I actually BUY records. Those that don’t wait don’t get the FULL experience ha! I mean think about it — I bought Slayer’s Reign In Blood THE DAY it came out. There was no leaking then.

“I blasted it FULL VOLUME & was like ‘HOLY FUCK!,” Randy continued. “The VERY FIRST TIME I heard ‘Angel of Death’ it was BEYOND AWESOME. I’m so glad I wasn’t robbed of that experience by hearing a crappy copy — it made a FUCKING IMPACT. ‘JUGGA JUGGA JUGGA JAGGA…….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhh…’ BRILLIANT.”

His commentary inspired a conversation with fans. Randy later Tweeted this: “I don’t think waiting to hear a record the way the way it is SUPPOSED to sound is a manufactured experience AT ALL. Waiting is part of a concept that I cherish that I feel is (sadly) rapidly disappearing in this ‘gimme gimme right NOW’ world – this concept was taught to me by my parents & over the years it has served me VERY WELL in life- its called DELAYED GRATIFICATION & it’s all about sitting back, chillin’ in the cut, & biding your time til its right to make a move.

“And when you make that move, it is the CORRECT move. Think of it this way- we didn’t sign to the first label that approached us. We could have, and they would have put out our record, but we would have been a far lower priority than we were on Prosthetic (thanks EJ & Dan!). We WEREN’T impatient, and we had a GOOD EXPERIENCE. I look at EVERYTHING this way when I can. REAL G’s don’t rush- they wait for quality in life, people, & products You must think like its a game of chess, like the Wu-Tang Clan- make moves in your life that ensure you maximize EVERY SINGLE experience.

“I’m not interested in a sub-par experience of ANY KIND. That is why I employ what my Daddy taught me- PATIENCE. Go for for THE BEST of go the fuck home. I have time for nothing less. Peace.”

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