Lamb Of God Manager Speaks; Prison Profile Provided

Randy Blythe’s arrest

Lamb Of God manager Larry Mazer confirmed yesterday’s news that the band’s singer Randy Blythe’s $400,000 has been challenged by the prosecution.

Looks like that Dethklok and Gojira tour is in serious doubt.

Mazer claims he didn’t have an exact estimate as to when Blythe would be released, though he did say that he doesn’t expect it to be within the six days before the tour’s scheduled kick off on August 1.

Fuck. An official statement on the fate of the tour is expected today.

Randy Blythe has been in custody in the Czech Republic for a month on suspicions of manslaughter.

This is the second time the prosecution has blocked Blythe’s attempts at bail.

“[On Tuesday, July 24] the court published that they were upholding the $400,000 bail and Randy’s release,” Mazer says. “The prosecutor appealed the $200,000. That appeal was turned down but the bail was raised to $400,000, which, as you know, we paid. But by Czech law, the prosecutor can challenge one more time, which he is doing and that starts the clock all over again.”

This is fucking ridiculous, man. I am fucking tired of this bullshit. Let Randy Blythe come home, or charge him. Like he won’t return to face the charges. Stop treating him like a serial killer.

It has also been revealed that Pankrác prison in Prague — where Blythe has been living for the last month — holds less than a 1,000 inmates.

Former Pankrác inmates include well-known Uzbekistan poet, writer and reformist Muhammed Solih (who was arrested at the Prague airport in 2001 and tossed in Pankrác for opposing the communist party); famous Czechoslovakian writer, and later, Czech president, Vaclav Havel (was incarcerated in Pankrac several times for being a political dissident); and Czech parliament member Dr. Milada Horakova (who was jailed for opposing the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia).

Prisoners are accommodated in rooms with an average capacity of three beds, the largest containing ten beds. The prison premises also contain a Czech Prison Service hospital, serving the inmates, with a capacity of 111, as well as the Pankrác Memorial, containing an exhibition on the Prison Service.

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