Lamb Of God Singer Releases Short Film About Prague

Randy at Pankrác Prison, where he was incarcerated for nearly two months

I’m deaf.

I forgot my fucking ear plugs and went to see Doomriders and Red Fang in Brooklyn Thursday night, and fuck, was it loud. The ringing is still persisting, and I will likely wake up with it.

I will likely also wake up wondering if I should have asked that cute girl in the Dillinger Escape Plan shirt for her number. We shared a smoke, shared small talk, and I got a semi-vibe from her.

When I was leaving, she seemed bummed, but I wasn’t sure she wanted me asking for her number so I didn’t ask for it…especially considering I haven’t had much luck with the ladies as of late.

I wasn’t interested in rejection in anyway. She had heard of the site, though. Unless she was just being nice. Maybe she’ll read this and then email me at [email protected], and I’ll catch another show with her. You never know.

Anyways, Lamb of God’s vocalist Randy Blythe, a man as well-spoken as he is outspoken, has released a short film through his blog you should check out here.

It is called “Prague: The Devil Is The Details,” and Randy shot it earlier this year while he was on trial for manslaughter in the Czech Republic.

He was tried, and wrongly so, in the death of a fan more than four years ago.

“This is a movie I made in Prague during my trial,” says Randy in his blog. “I filmed the footage with a Canon EOS 60D, edited it with Final Cut Pro X, and wrote the music using Reason.

“I wanted to release a slightly different version of the film right before my judgement was rendered by the court (the very last shot in this version was not there until after I was pronounced innocent). My idea was to show my mindset through film and music during the process of my trial, and have a more ambiguous ending heading into my final day in court.

“I did not know what was going to happen to me, only that I felt I was doing the right thing by being there,” he writes. “Working in a creative capacity during the trial helped me to remain calm — it is what I know how to do, so I wanted to share it with people.

“I showed the clip to my lawyer and he advised against releasing it until after the trial was over, thinking the authorities might not understand what I was trying to say with the movie. It is all over now, so here is my poor attempt to try and create art in a time of great personal uncertainty.

“Note: the Devil plays an important part in Czech fairytales, and marionettes are a bit of Czech folk culture I came to love while I was there — the marionette hangs in my study now.

“The Devil is different in Czech fairy tales though, to my understanding — the puppet is representative of me, the way I viewed myself, the way I was viewed by society at different times — all sorts of things. It is not representative of evil — just wanted to clarify that.”

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