Lamb Of God’s Blythe: “It’ll Be Hard For Them To Convict Me”

Randy at one of his hearings

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has done a ton of interviews since being back home, after a month-long stint behind bars in the Czech Republic.

In the event you just awoke from a coma, and somehow found your way to this glorious metal news site, you can read about Randy’s problem in Prague here.

A few days after his return to Richmond, Virginia, Blythe answered some questions from Linda Leseman of LA Weekly; he discussed his feelings, his plans to stand trial, and the lose of his own daughter — something I was not at all aware of.

Randy had referenced the loss of a child when he was cornered by Prague media in the airport. LA Weekly asked for clarification.

My first wife and I… we had a daughter together who had a heart defect,” Randy says.

“We knew that when the baby was in utero. And the doctors told us it’s going to be no big deal, when [she comes] out, we’ll operate on her,” Blythe continues.

“At about seven and a half, eight months or so, the baby went into distress in utero. So there was a Caesarean section. She came out. She was alive. But, due to the fact that she was slightly premature, she was too small for them to go ahead and operate on. So, she was alive for a while, and then they were like, ‘This isn’t working out.’

“So, I said, ‘Well, let her go.’ It’s something I really can’t describe in words and nobody could understand unless they had to live through this. I know that this family [in Prague] is just going through the worst possible hell, and they have questions. So, despite the fact that I maintain my innocence, I feel ethically and morally obliged to do my best to provide them with some answers, if it goes to trial, to help them go down this road, where their pain can lessen a little bit.”

That’s heavy, and we feel so, so bad for Randy. Not having any kids of my own, I can’t even relate to the kind of pain he must’ve experienced. That blows. Ugh, that’s so sad.

Randy says he believes “we have a good case. I think it’ll be hard for them to convict me on the charge that they have leveled against me because it’s ludicrous. From what I understand, it’s a crime of intent, and I certainly never intended to hurt anyone at any point in time during that show.

“But, life shows up and happens. Right? It shows up and happens,” Randy explains. “And if it shows up, and they give me ten years, I will have to deal with it as such. It’s frightening for me to think about. The fact of the matter that I don’t want to go to prison for ten years in a foreign country or in America or in any country has nothing to do with the fact that I need to do the right thing. That’s the whole thing, you know? I have to do the right thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to face myself.”

Because he’s a stand-up dude who wouldn’t have hurt anyone on purpose, and is not to blame for no one catching this kid when he was stage-diving. End of discussion.

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