Lamb Of God’s Blythe Talks Ballet Composition

Worked on piece with Testament’s Alex Skolnick

Alex and RandyAlex and Randy

Alex and Randy

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has come clean about the music he worked on with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick for an upcoming ballet performance.

The piece, titled “The Solution,” will be performed at the Richmond Ballet in Richmond, Virginia, on April 5 and April 6.

Blythe got involved with the project through a good friend of his, Matt Frain.

“Matt is a total brutal death metal freak. Matt is also a professional ballet dancer with the Richmond Ballet (rad combo — I love weirdo people — all my closest friends are strange).

“The Richmond Ballet decided to do a New Works II festival — 5 new pieces choreographed by their artistic staff & some of their dancers. Matt wanted to try to choreograph (not dance in) a piece for the show, but he was having a hard time with the music- he didn’t want something that had been used before.

“I had played him some stuff I had been working on, he seemed to dig it, so I said ‘I’ll compose a piece for you.’ We discussed the concept, wrote out a proposal, I gave him a 5 minute sample piece of music, and a few months ago he submitted it to the artistic director of the ballet. It got accepted! Amazing! These are serious people who don’t care or know about metal, so my name didn’t really mean a thing to them — the piece was accepted on it’s own merits & Matt’s artistic concept, not ‘we’ll use it because it’s that dude from Lamb of God.’ He began choreographing with two dancers, and I began working on the music in my spare time from touring and writing. I got the piece mostly done, but it needed something else. I had to call in another friend.

“I had been working on the piece for a few months, so I had thought a lot about it & knew just who to call. This is my buddy Alex Skolnick (@alexskolnick), the lead guitarist of Testament & The Alex Skolnick Trio.

“Besides being a real-live metal legend, he is a world renowned jazz guitarist. He and I had worked on some weirdo electronic stuff on tour just for fun, so I asked him if he would help out with my ballet piece. He was stoked, sent me tracks, we went back & forth over mixes and parts for a bit, & then the piece got better by twice.

“The piece, entitled ‘The Solution’ is a very serious and dark 10 minutes of me and Alex writing music specifically for a very serious and dark ballet piece about internal struggles. If you want to hear our music, and see the piece we composed for my buddy Matt performed, you can go to the Richmond Ballet April 5 or 6. Tickets are complimentary — call 804-344-0906 ext 231, or they are available at the box office (407 E. Canal St. RVA). Showtimes are 6:30 pm on April 5, 4:00 pm on April 6- 407 East Canal St. Richmond, VA. Music is life, and so is art. I’m just happy to be surrounded by people who create both. Hope some of y’all can make it!”

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