Lamb Of God’s Blythe Talks On-Stage Security In New Interview

Randy Blythe

Leave it to Revolver to wait an entire weekend before getting an interview with Randy Blythe up on their site; MTV News, Rolling Stone, and even some morning radio show knew well-enough to capitalize on that opportunity.

Not Revolver. But the useless metal rag’s interview with Blythe from Friday is revealing insomuch as he discusses on-stage security, which played heavily into an incident two years ago in Prague that left some dumb kid dead — and Randy, facing manslaughter charges.

The Lamb of God frontman tells Revolver that he will not change the way he behaves on stage; why should he? That’s his fucking office, and he can act however the fuck he wants to in his office.

“This incident that occurred, it was an unfortunate occurrence,” Randy tells that piece of shit, ad-driven, dishonest magazine. “A tragedy. And there’s a lot of details that need to be clarified that came out of this, and hopefully they will in court. But it’s not going to change the way we do things, because I didn’t do anything wrong. So why should I change what I’m doing? They’re saying I committed a crime of intent, like I went out and hurt someone. That’s total bullshit. Why would I try and hurt fans of my band? That’s ridiculous. So no.”

Preach on, Randy.

“If anything good comes out of this, as far as a change to how we operate, I would hope it would be a more far-reaching thing than just my band,” he adds.

“I would hope it would raise the awareness for the need for adequate security, not just for the band but for the audience as well. Most of the time, none of this stuff is an issue because security is entirely adequate. Security knows how to keep the kids from getting hurt while letting them have a good time.

“To the outside world, to people who aren’t in our scene, it all looks like a great big violent mess. They don’t know that everybody’s just having a good time. There is a very big need for security, though, to ensure — especially if kids are going to be crowdsurfing and coming over the barricade and stuff — there’s got to be guys there to catch them. So if anything good comes out of this, I hope we will lessen any injuries incurred by concert-going folks.”

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