Lamb Of God’s Five Most Underrated Songs — Let The Debate Begin

Sean Harris

Randy Blythe. Mark Morton. Chris Adler. Willie Adler. John Campbell. Metal gods otherwise known as the little band from Richmond motherfucking Virginia that could.

Unfortunately for us and the entire metal world in general, Lamb Of God are in a bit of pickle.

For all intents and purposes, the Czech Republic has, in their hands, the ability and authority to smite down the world’s best metal band. Basically, if things go awry over there and Randy serves a possible jail sentence, it will derail and ultimately end our heroes as we know it. Could you possibly see the rest of the boys continue to soldier on without their fallen comrade?

I, for one, do not want to live in a world where Randy Blythe is not the lead singer of Lamb of God and I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone else with that statement. I have had just about enough when it comes to hearing the charges laid down on him. If you’re anything like me, you hope this bullshit goes away sooner rather than later.

Sorry for making everyone’s blood boil. I’m sure I just worked a bunch of people up so let’s deflect the anger and animosity of the situation onto something that can be a little more constructive.

Webster’s dictionary’s definition of the word underrated is “underestimate the extent, value, or importance of someone or something.” So I’m giving my two cents but I also want the reader’s voice heard too. What are your most underappreciated and underrated Lamb Of God songs? Let the debate begin!

5. “Remorse Is For The Dead” from Ashes Of The Wake; Played Live 0 Times

The final track off the most successful album they wrote, “Remorse” is one of those songs where your Grandma would listen to the intro, think it’s a nice song, then proceed to die after getting through the first distorted riff. Epic passage after epic passage that finally settles on an awesome garbled demon effect. The dead, the dead, the dead…the dead…..

4. “Blood Of The Scribe from Ashes Of The Wake; Played Live 2 Times

Did i mention epic passages? When Randy gets to the “Rob the grave” part, this song just takes off like a fighter pilot. Mark and Willie’s amazing guitar talents really shine through, especially due to the blazing speed. OK I’ll give the other albums a chance now.

3. “More Time To Kill” from Sacrament; Played Live 12 Times

Fuck…Your…World…Up…GODDAMN! Truer words have never been spoken. I can’t even begin to fathom why no one I know talks about this track incessantly. It kicks ass on so many levels, it’s ridiculous. Play this song live way more guys!

2. “Reclamation” from Wrath; Played Live 51 Times

Buried deep on the Wrath album, “Reclamation” has one of the coolest acoustic intros I’ve ever heard in metal. Blythe’s screaming is pure insanity and this could be one of Chris Adler’s best performances on the kit. This song makes me absolutely want to burn down a city.

1. “11th Hour” from As The Palaces Burn; Played Live 104 Times

I know this song has been played a few times live and it’s the only song on this list to have a music video. Although, comparison wise, it’s nowhere near “Black Label,” that’s been played an astounding 384 times! I just feel this track doesn’t get the respect it deserves. My favorite all time Lamb track, it has the sickest machine gun double bass ever. I try playing it up to speed on guitar but my fingers just fall off. I’m a sucker for the political songs and this one knocks it out of the park.

Never Consummated!

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