LG G2 Receiving Android Lollipop Update: Installation and Features Information

In the coming weeks, LG G2 owners can expect to receive the Android Lollipop over-the-air update. The update hit G3 smartphones starting in February 2015, so G2 owners undoubtedly felt left out. Lollipop was confirmed for various LG devices months ago, though. Unfortunately, not all users are going to receive the update as soon as it’s released. Android updates are rolled out to groups of devices rather than all at once after all. Installing the update should prove simple, and Lollipop brings some welcome changes to the G2.

Installing Lollipop OTA When Available

Users should automatically receive a notification on their phones when updates are available. Otherwise, each person can manually check for an OTA update of Android Lollipop. The About Phone tab in Settings includes a Check For Update option, which will find available updates. A user must hit the download button when the update option pops up. Without a doubt, a G2 should have a full charge before initiating the download and installation process. A low battery could corrupt the device if it dies during the update process.

It never hurts to update the device over WiFi, which will reduce data charges and make things go faster. After the download completes, the device will reset and start the installation process. Each app will be optimized for Android Lollipop, and this can take a few minutes based upon the number of apps on the device. The G2 will then start like normal and display the home screen at which point users can notice some changes for Lollipop.

New G2 Features Thanks To Lollipop

First and foremost, Lollipop brings an updated user interface on the G2. Users will immediately notice a cleaner UI and Material Design elements. This means that the UI is more animated than before and looks refreshed. However, bits and pieces of LG’s proprietary UI skin are still evident here, and users don’t receive completely stock Android. That’s not going to bother most users because LG’s UI skin is already light and intuitive to say the least. That’s not all users are going to find with this update, though.

Lollipop brings better performance and battery life to the LG G2. On top of that, a new battery management feature is built into Lollipop. Battery historian even tells users what exactly is using their battery. Users should notice that Lollipop is quite stable and makes their device run like it’s brand new again. Thanks to optimizations from Android 5.0, devices can squeeze more performance out of their processors, and this is no different for the G2.

An Update That Users Have Been Waiting For

Plenty of other features are included in Android Lollipop for the LG G2. For obvious reasons, a user should update as soon as the OTA files become available. Most devices will notify users as soon as this occurs, but a manual check can find an update sooner. The fact is that Lollipop brings numerous changes to Android devices, including the G2. To get the most out of this new operating system, users should download it and get started today!

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