LG G4 Release Date Confirmed, Rollout Starts This Week

Almost one month after the official announcement of the LG G4, the Korean company has confirmed the release date of the highly anticipated flagship.

The official international rollout of the G4 starts this week, but the phone will be available gradually in different areas of the world.

International Rollout

LG has confirmed a tie-up with more than 180 carriers and retailers around the world. The international rollout starts from Hong Kong, and it will then continue to Turkey, Russia and Singapore. In the initial rollout, the markets of Southeast Asia and the Middle East will have priority. The second wave of rollout will continue in Africa and Central America.

US Carriers

So far, two US carriers have confirmed the release date of the LG G4 and they are Verizon and T-Mobile. Sprint is expected to follow, as the carrier has also cleared the FCC hurdle and can sell the G4. T-Mobile customers will probably have the first shot at the G4, given the fact that the phone will be available in stores on June 2. There is no word on pricing yet, but the carrier is currently running an exclusive preview of the G4 that runs through May 25. The prices will probably be announced at that date. As for Verizon, the carrier has checked June 4 as the release date for the LG G4. Verizon markets the handset under the “See the great, feel the great” slogan and allows users to leave their email, subscribe and receive all the latest promotions and news about the G4. Verizon doesn’t show pricing yet, and there is no word whether there will be a pre-order period. As for color and build options, Verizon will offer black and white non leather models aside from the leather options. Sprint will only offer the metallic gray and the black leather versions of the G4 in the first few weeks.

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