LG G4 – Top 4 Awesome Things You Will Love

Last year was a turning point for LG.

The company finally managed to escape Samsung’s and HTC’s shadow, producing what was arguably the best Android smartphone in the LG G3. This year, the company kept most of what made the G3 successful, such as a cutting edge design, trimmed down software and top of the line specs. On top of that, the LG G4 has a few more upgrades and tweaks that make the phone a clear cut bestseller and competitor for the best Android phone in 2015 as well. Here are four things you will love about the G4.

QHD Display

LG was the first company to debut QHD displays to its smartphone. The LG G4 goes another step further, with LG adding some features to the display that produce 25% brighter screen. The screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 results in extremely sharp and crisp screen. The IPS quantum display technology that LG uses for the G4 display produces contrast and is on the same level as to what Samsung is doing with the S6.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

We mentioned LG trimmed down the software and reduced much of the bloatware, which results in an almost Stock Android experience. The G4 runs on 5.0 Lollipop and has LG skin on top of it. But the core of the operating system is clean, minimalistic and light design and implements some of the best features of the Lollipop experience. On top of that, the G4 has some genuine LG features, such as the dual screen mode or the resizable keyboard. All of those make the G4 one of the best phones software wise.

The Camera

LG added more firepower to the rear and front camera of the G4. Armed with a 16-MP sensor and optical image stabilization, the G4 takes care of business like no other phone on the market. The phone also has the widest lens among rivals, which allows for extra amount of light. On top of the hardware aspect, the camera app is excellent, with manual mode offering some nifty tricks to experiment.

Replaceable Battery and microSD Card

Two things have always separated Android phones from the iPhone. Those are the expendable storage and replaceable battery. While Samsung and HTC sacrificed them in order to get a better design, LG still has both of them installed on the G4. The Android users love their expendable storage and the ability to switch to a new and fully charged battery during the day and the G4 makes it possible.

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