LG is Giving Gifts for LG G4 Pre-Orders, Find Out What

Following the official announcement of the phone, LG is finally rolling the LG G4 out to the international market.

The phone will hit the stores in the first two weeks of June, but the pre-order process has started as US carriers are accepting pre-orders.

Pre-order Date

The LG G4 will start going on pre-order in the US from Friday, May the 29th. All US carriers will offer the G4 and all will start with the pre-order process on the same day. Pricing is still unknown, but we will know it within the next few days. What is clear is that users that will pre-order the phone will get a few promotions and gifts.

The Gifts

The promotion that LG is giving to the users and buyers of the LG G4 is simple: get the phone and you will get extra storage and more battery juice. All LG G4 buyers that will get the phone before June 21; will get a microSD card with 32 GB of storage and an extra battery for free. The battery comes with its own charging kit. In essence, this means you can power up both the standard and the extra battery during the night and start the day with two fully charged batteries. The charger for the extra battery needs a bit more time to charge your phone, as it uses different electricity and power, but it leaves less wear and tear on the battery.

The retail price of the gifts is somewhere in the range of $100 – $110. However, LG is giving them to the buyers for free. To be eligible for the promotion, you must purchase the LG G4 from an official retailer or carrier before June 21. Then, you need a photo of your device’s IMEI number and a copy of the receipt to be sent to LG, via the official LG G4 promo website.

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