Life Of Agony’s Keith Caputo Talks More About Being A Chick

Keith Caputo

The Advocate has interviewed transgendered singer Mina Caputo, who we all used to know as Keith Caputo, about life in a band like Life of Agony, now that he’s come out as a chick.

The interview covers a wide spectrum of topics, including how Keith felt as a kid (“When I was like 8 or 9 years old I started cross dressing. I used to go through my aunt’s drawers when nobody was home and I used to steal her lingerie”), and how he used to think he was gay and experimented with dudes.

“I really didn’t even know the word transgender back then,” he says. “I just though, ‘OK I’m a transvestite’ or ‘I’m a gay male but I love presenting myself as a woman.’”

In addition, Keith says that being in Life of Agony kept him from expressing his true self.

“I was very boxed in that metal thing. The first album I’ve ever done was released and then it pretty much exploded in Europe and I kind of had no choice but to leave school. I didn’t want to sing in a band. That wasn’t really what I set out to do. I wanted to go to Julliard. I wanted to play the classics, get good grades…and I pictured myself living more of a feminine life then at 19 when this whole alpha male world just pretty much took over,” she said.

“I was in hell for years…It was more of a sense of responsibility and not getting labels down… the management, the band, and the fans. And I mean, we were a really, really really, really big band. We were doing concerts in Europe where 60 to 100 thousand people were showing up.”

He also said he doesn’t plan on cutting his junk off. Can you really be a woman and still have a penis? Honestly, folks. Maybe in mind, yes — but if you’re getting down with someone who thinks you are a woman, when they meet that penis they are not going to feel the same way. They are going to think they’re with a dude.

I say what’s good enough for Chaz Bono is good enough for Miss Mina.

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