Liferuiner Not Breaking Up

LiferuinerLiferuinerCanada’s own Liferuiner have released a statement claiming they are not breaking up.

I didn’t know there was a chance they were going to throw in the towel. I didn’t even hear a rumor to that effect, but…whatever.

Says the band:

“So after almost 10 years as a band, writing and recording 3 albums, a demo, and an EP, touring the world with bands that have now become life long friends and also meeting some of the best friends well ever have on tour all of the world we as a band have decided NOT to break up. Literally what’s the point? The idea that a band has hit it’s plateau means nothing, it just means you aren’t working for it anymore. There is no limit to what a band, an artist, a person can accomplish if you keep pushing forward.

“Canadian legends Rush toured in a van for almost 20 years before they were discovered and now they sell out arenas. I know we probably haven’t toured to your city, but that doesn’t mean we won’t. It just means we haven’t yet. So with that being said we’d like you all to know we are recording a new record and are pumped for you to hear it….and yes at some point well come to your city to play all your favorite new and old tunes. Thanks guys!”

No one cares.

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