Limp Bizkit’s Borland Says He Now Likes Dream Theater

Wes Borland

Fucking back-peddling poser!

After slagging off Dream Theater in a number of Tweets, and then trying to act all cool about it by name-checking The fucking Human Abstract, Wes Borland — who is in a band everyone could slag off — has seemingly reversed his stance on the band.

And all it took was Kat Von D interjecting. We need to send Kat Von D to Israel. She’s like Angelina Jolie…with a bunch of tats and fake tits.

I promise…after this, there will be no more stories on Wes and his lame Dream Theater hatred.

Wes’ recent Tweet-a-thon started with: “@MikePortnoy Mike! I was just having a laugh and now all the DT fans are pissed! I’m mean I’m in LB for christsake! Hahaha! This is fun/bad”

And later: “So, @thekatvond just brought @MikePortnoy into this! Yes! Awkward!”

And then: “Well, that was fun. Thanks everyone for the most entertaining Twitter night ever! The funny thing is I kind of like Dream Theater now.”

The funny thing is, some folks supported Wes in his rants against Dream Theater. One such douche was Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri: “@wesborland You play guitar in the best band of all time. Please feel free to shit on whoever you want.”

Wow. Just…wow. I’m utterly dumbfounded. This is just, like, too much suck for one post.

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