LINE Free Calls Without Call Tariff Rates and Other 7 Useful Features

8 Useful LINE Features

There are a number of features in LINE, which often go unnoticed. These features can enhance the experience of using this Japanese app which has fast gained popularity through extensive marketing.

  1. Sending Videos

A number of people use other apps to send video, and often overlook the video sending feature in LINE. The app enables its users to send pre-recorded or instant videos which are sent efficiently without any lags.

  1. LINE Stickers

This feature is a big hit with the younger generation who use emoticons rather than words to express themselves. There are so many vibrantly colored animations, which express various emotions. Since there are more than 10,000 stickers available, the users will never get bored.

  1. Location Information

The users can easily make use of this feature to make sure that their friends or family can find them. It can also be used as a safety tool.

  1. Unlinking The Phone Number

Once a number has been linked to a LINE account, it is not possible to delete or remove it. However, there are a few steps which can help in such a case scenario. In case you want to replace the registered mobile number with a new number, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to More and then to settings and click on accounts.
  • You will have to use your Facebook account to save the old chats, so once the Facebook logo appears, link it with the account and login to Facebook.
  • Next up, accept the permissions and the link option will convert into unlink.
  • Uninstall LINE from your mobile device after which you will have to re-install it.
  • With that done, tap on LINE User login and click on Facebook after that.
  • Next, enter the pin number or the last four digits of the previous registered number.
  • And voila! The job will be done.
  1. Prevent Unwanted People To Add You On LINE

There may be many people out there who have your phone number, but you do not want to connect with them on this social platform. LINE enables its users to filter its contacts by simply accepting or rejecting connection requests. You can use your discretion to add people in your contact list, which is a great advantage and cannot be availed on other free messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber.

  1. Change The Quality Of The Photos Being Shared

In order to send pictures, images and photo messages faster, the default settings of the app allow pictures to be sent in low quality, which is why most pictures sent through LINE deteriorate in sharpness. For those who do not want this problem can go to settings, click on chat and voice after which photo quality needs to be tapped on, with that done the user can simply change the picture quality mode from low to normal.

  1. The App Enables The User To Change The Ringtones

The users which are bored with the usual LINE ringtone can opt to change their settings and use a customized ringtone instead. This will help in getting rid of the same old ringtone which plays over and over again, and become slightly monotonous.

  1. LINE Free Calls

This feature is much like Viber and enables the users to make calls to other LINE users quite efficiently. With the use of a Wi-Fi or a 3G network, the calls can be made smoothly without any lags, cut offs and fade outs. If you still haven’t used this amazing feature in this Japanese app, then you must give it a try as it helps in connecting with friends and family easily without paying extra for the call tariff rates.


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