Look Forward To The iOS 8.4 Beta

For the first time ever, Apple allowed regular users to beta test iOS 8.3 before its official release. The company released iOS 8.3 on April 8, 2015. Users in the beta testing program had access to the update 30 days before that date, though. Of course, beta testing allowed users to see the features of iOS 8.3 and help Apple improve the update. Beta testing is over now, so the iOS 8.3 beta download is no longer active and available. Owners of the iPhone and iPad still have a potential iOS 8.4 beta to look forward to sometime soon.

Why Did Apple Release A Public Beta For iOS 8.3?

It’s not surprising that Apple decided to best test the update in a public program. Various versions of iOS 8 have been plagued with glitches and problems. Unfortunately, some of these problems have nearly broken users’ devices and turned them into paperweights. Apple launched the beta in an attempt to weed out potential problems. Letting thousands of users report issues and bugs to the company helped mitigate issues in iOS 8.3 to a large degree. Without a doubt, beta testing benefited Apple more so than anyone else.

iOS 8.3’s Public Beta Is Now Closed

The public beta for iOS 8.3 closed right before the update was released for all users. Therefore, downloads are no longer available for the beta. Users don’t have to worry because they now have iOS 8.3 in all of its tested glory. Apple had never before run such a beta testing program, and it was a surprise for many analysts and users. Either way, users are going to have to wait for the next public beta to test out an upcoming version of iOS. It remains to be seen what the company does for iOS 8.4 before its official release.

Will public beta testing be offered for iOS 8.4?

Chances are high that a public beta will eventually become available for version 8.4 of iOS. In fact, the beta for developers just started, and an official release date for the actual update is expected within a couple months. This means that potential beta testers will more than likely get their opportunity in a month or two. Apple hasn’t guaranteed a public beta for ordinary users, but the success of the previous beta makes this development seem likely.

If a beta is released, then users can expect some great new features to test out in the update. For instance, iOS 8.4 includes a new Music app and other tweaks or additions. Beta updates are guaranteed to have some bugs and flaws, so users will have to deal with such situations on a regular basis. Joining the beta lets users give feedback to Apple, which can improve the update that is ultimately released for iOS devices.

Apple’s Public Beta Testing An Incredible Idea

Obviously, Apple isn’t the first company to implement beta testing, but the company has only done betas for OS X updates up until iOS 8.3’s testing a month ago. The company should release more iOS betas moving forward due to consumer demand. It doesn’t hurt that such testing helps improve updates before release, which positively impacts Apple’s bottom line long-term.

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