Lostprophets One-Time Tour Manager Reflects On Pederast Frontman’s Guilty Plea

I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

So, it appears some dude named George Davison was at one time the tour manager for Lostprophets — the defunct band whose singer plead guilty yesterday to, among other thing, trying to rape a baby and owning animal porn — has taken to the fucking web to reflect on what the fuck happened.

Yes, folks. In case you missed it, Ian Watkins has plead guilty to 13 — yes, 13 — sexual offenses, including two of attempting to rape — yes, rape — a baby.

Look, if you’re going to rape a baby, where’s the attempt? You either get the job done or you don’t. This fucker couldn’t even rape a baby the right way. Fucking loser.

Watkins, 36, copped to three counts of sexual assault involving children and six involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal.

He will be sentenced on December 18, and I hope they fucking through the book at his proven peder-ass and that he’s raped up the ass with kielbasa-thick ten-inchers.

Writes Davison:

“You think you know someone, but you really don’t. From 2001 [to] 2012, you trust in a person amongst a group of great people and the day comes when you are shown the true nature of a person. It’s easy to just to brush away and try to forget the last 12 years of knowing Ian. That’s not going to happen to me or for the others that thought we knew him. We lived and breathed the same space together intensely for a long time and I would have NEVER predicted that this would have happened.”

Dude…have you ever seen a picture of the guy? I knew he was a pedophile the second I laid eyes on ‘im.

“We rode the wave of success together, all of us coming from humble backgrounds to flying around the world together. All experiencing the rush of seeing exotic places for the first time, meeting your rock and roll heroes, relentless touring, marriages, births and deaths together. It’s a bond that for some is a fleeting, transient experience. Jumping from one band to another. For me, it wasn’t like that, at least with Lostprophets, it was never like that for me.

“I will never forget my times with this band. The good, the bad and now this, the ugly. The ugly truth that Ian let us all down, his family, bandmates, friends and fans across the world. I feel right now so angry, astonished and pissed off with him for what he did. I feel so sorry for his victims, the children he abused. I only hope those children can grow up without the taint of what he did to them clouding their futures.

“I would never attempt to excuse anything he did as I firmly believe he made his choices and now he will pay for them. Do I feel sorry for the accused woman and Ian? Right now, I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They were all complicit in allowing these horrific acts to happen. I don’t care how many drugs you have taken there is no excuse or reason for even contemplating, let alone carrying out what they did to those children. These people are sick and need help.

“I believe in the idea of forgiveness, and the goodness in people. It’s impossible to see any good in this situation except for fact that they were caught and therefore won’t abuse those children anymore. It’s hard to forgive them for this, whether you knew him personally or just reading about this for the first time. How can you forgive someone for these crimes against the very innocent? My thoughts also keep going to his family and bandmates. The future for all of them will be forever tarred with the memory of this betrayal. The fans will move on, taking down their posters, throwing out their Lostprophets albums and looking for the next rock saviour to admire. For his family and band, it will be with them forever. My heart goes out to them all and their families. Lest we forget all those people come from a tight-knit, proud and loving place. For them, the shame will be something they will have to live with until they die. I, however, refuse to forget the great people, the great times and experiences I had with Lostprophets. The way they and their families welcomed me into their lives to help facilitate their dreams of becoming rock stars. Something they achieved where so many others had failed. It’s something that can never be taken away from them.

“True, the band is done, finished. Life goes on, though. Everyone involved in Ian will move on, but today with a very heavy heart. I will never forget these events until the day I die. It’s been an emotional day for me. Who would have ever thought it would have ended up like this!!!!!! Fuck!!!!”

Oh, I don’t know…just everyone.

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