Malevolent Creation Get New Drummer, Apologize For Gay Crack

Backpedaling statement goes on for far too long for it not to be inspired by homophobia

Malevolent CreationMalevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation

I’m just going to put this out there, as I’ve got in on good authority: Malevolent Creation don’t like people that are different from them.

That said, they’ve issued a statement, apologizing for calling their former kitman Gus Rios a “gay drummer.”

“I apologize,” a statement online says. “It is hard for me to refer to him as anything else but the nickname he has had long before I ever met him which is ‘Gay Gus!’”

Well, then, reference him as “Gay Gus” then, and not “our gay drummer.” And if you meant it in a fun-poking, no-hard-feelings kind of a way, why did you remove your innocent Facebook post — the one you are now apologizing for?

“Anyone that knows him or has met him refers to him by that name. If he is gay, I do not know personally, but it has crossed my mind many times over the years I have known him.”

Why would such a thing cross your mind if you weren’t a homophobe? It wouldn’t matter otherwise.

“Only he knows the truth and whoever gave him the nickname surely does. I have gay family members and friends and that has never been a problem for me, so I do apologize for making the comment and to the people that found it offending.”

Too bad there aren’t non-white people in your family.

The band has also confirmed the return of drummer Justin Dipinto, saying the decision to fire Gus was a long time coming.

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