Marduk Getting Shit From Catholic Church


I guess they don’t have freedom of speech in Costa Rica. Hell, we barely have it here when religion’s concerned. You’ve got groups like God Hates Fags protesting outside U.S. soldiers’ funerals and Christian fundamentalists often picket outside concerts featuring Satanic metal bands. And even mainstream metal shows. Even Disney has given certain metal bands a hard time for their lyrical content and threatening appearance.

Marduk love Satan. It’s no secret. They use anti-Catholic imagery. Upside-down crosses are always on display at their shows. The Catholic church in Costa Rica do not want Marduk playing there July 29 — the first time the band is playing there since 2003.

According to reports, Mario Segura, Catholic priest and spokesperson for the Curia Metropolitana (whatever that is), told newspapers that Marduk “should have more respect because they are sacred things,” a reference to the band’s adaptation of religious articles on their album covers and T-shirt designs. Segura said he considers that this type of music and message cannot encourage any good in Costa Rica’s youth.

Padre, puh-lease! Marduk are harmless. Look at them. The dude on the left actually babysit’s my bastard children. This is all just more reason for Satanists to start protesting outside Christian music gatherings. Come on, Satan worshippers! This is a call to arms! Thrash them!

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