Marilyn Manson Is Nasty, Gross, Vile

Sick fuck

Yup. All three.

I was reading The Gauntlet this morning, and saw this stomach-churning photo of Marilyn Manson blowing snot rockets.

Shooting snot rockets is the sport of ignorant, and almost always leave the nostrils of self-centered douche bags.

When I was in high school, one cross country season this dude — while running — launched a snot rocket that landed on my fucking ankle. I was so pissed, I swept the guy’s feet so he’d fall. Then I used his team jersey to wipe it off my leg.

We had it out at the finish line. I finished before him, and he came up to me to bitch me out. I threatened to shit on his mom, and two ultra-skinny kids almost ended up slapping each other, but coaches intervened. Needless to say, I hate snot rockets.

No need for them unless you are in the shower, people.

There’s a reason why Marilyn Manson’s single.

While sick last week, he was spreading his germs by firing off snot rockets into the crowd.

“Photog Mat Hayward snapped a photo of the rocker at the Seattle concert last night and captured Manson at the perfect time,” says the site. “Manson is known for spitting on his fans…I guess Seattle got something a little extra with the price of admission.”

Hayward further claims that “without warning, Manson blew a giant wad on snot out of his nose, grabbed it in his hand, and threw it in Mat’s mouth.”

I just almost vomited all over my big boy pants.

I get that dude had snots, but use a tissue. Your fucking sleeve, even. No need for snot rockets that you try to feed to photogs.

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