Mario Bros Inspired 8-bit Amiibo Stand for Nintendo Toys is Simply Awesome

No other company could repeat the success that Nintendo enjoyed by simply launching a series of toys named Amiibos featuring some of their iconic characters and now there’s a better way to store them.

If some other company like Microsoft or Sony had launched toys of their characters like Kratos or Master Chief, most people would have laughed at the pricing. Some ardent fans would have purchased them, simply to add it to their collection, but one can say for sure that they are not going to witness groundbreaking sales. Helping the company earn in millions is simply out of the question, but as with everything else, Nintendo has carved a niche market for itself with some strong IP line-up that helped them make money for at least three decades now. Amiibo toys can easily join their successful launches.


Organizing your Amiibo Collection

If you haven’t heard about Amiibos yet, here’s a quick introduction. Nintendo launched them sometime back with a view to allow players to keep their save files in these toys which will also act as physical accessories for popular games. By using them, you can unlock special power ups, upload saved files to any Wii U console and also keep it as a collection to showcase your love for Mario, Donkey Kong among others.

There are so many toys comprising some of the most popular characters, as well as the least popular, like the fitness lady from Wii U trainer. You get Link, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong and many others, but the problem is when the collection grows, it is tough to organize them. Showcasing them in the right manner is even more difficult, which is what the new Amiibo stand aims to simplify.

8-bit Mario Themed Stand

As soon as you take a look at the Mario game inspired 8-bit stand, you are sure to go gaga over it, because it looks awesome. The people, who made it at Power A, are known for making cool accessories for Nintendo peripherals, among other companies. It is purely a decorative accessory, but it looks so good that some may wish to import it from its home region.

You can store up to six different Amiibo figurines on this stand. It is made of plastic and has a shiny coating on the top which appropriately boosts the look of your toys when displayed in a shelf. It is definitely something that most fans can’t miss.

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