Mary Magdalan: Who The Hell Is This Chick Anyways?

Mary Magdalan

So, not being a Los Angeles resident, I had never heard of this Mary Magdalan chick before last week, when someone from their team hit me up with a link to the Dexter-meets-softcore-S&M-porn video she recently shot in La La Land; you can see that video after the jump.

So, Mary Magdalan…she sounds like Madonna if she were into Suicide Silence. From what I understand, she’s got a fucking huge following out West, but my main question is this: Is this chick too intense, even too frightening to pork, or do some of you dudes dig that whole aggressive-broad-coming-to-take-me vibe she’s exuding in the clip for “The Dark Passenger?” And does occasional screams from a woman who obviously maintains her physique automatically make something metal, or is this some strange musical hybrid all its own, that merely features some metal elements? Or is it metal at all?

I think you know where I stand on the latter issue. But still, I watch this video, and I’m asking myself, “So, if I didn’t have a girlfriend, and this broad was hitting on me at a bar, would I run or would I try to take her home and break laws?” In the video, she tortures this dude with a drill and pours acid on him, and it is, like, slightly erotic, but disturbing at the same time. She is sexy, but scary too. What do you guys think? Honest opinions here.

By the way, the music for the video was taken from Mary’s double-LP R.I.P., which sold over 10,000 units with no label or distributor via her imprint, Smack Records.

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