Megadeth Bassist Discusses Religion

Captain America (present day)Captain America (present day)

Captain America (present day)

Real interesting stuff here, kids.

Yes, Yahoo! Music had the chance to chat with David Ellefson, but instead of discussing why Dave Mustaine’s such a lunatic, they asked him about the invisible man in the sky, and his connection to him.

“The church started calling to me, ‘Hey, we need a bass player this week. Can you come and play?,’” Ellefson said.

“It’s kind of like God knows if he can get me to come with my bass, I’ll probably show up. So that’s how I started to get involved in any kind of church work. It wasn’t from some spiritual platitudes or anything like that at all. I’m just this guy playing bass in Megadeth and one day I’m playing in church.”

You know, older dudes find Jesus, I find. When they start getting closer to death. They forget that they once thought the whole notion was ridiculous, because they start fearing the possibility maybe they’re wrong, and they give in.

I’ve seen it happen too often, dudes.

“I really liked it. And I realized these guys that I’m playing with are like these weekend warrior guys who all probably were in bands when they were young, then eventually had to grow up, cut their hair and get real jobs. But now they have money because they have real jobs and they can afford good gear, and they like to play. It made me really appreciate people outside of the professional music realm, too, because there’s a lot of people who play really good out there, and for whatever reason, their number didn’t come up and they didn’t get to have the career that I had. But it doesn’t mean they’re not very talented players and artists and singers. So these are the kind of people I started meeting in church.

“So music through the church is what really inspired me to get involved with it. I felt great. I walked off the stage and [I was like], ‘Man, I’m floating right now. This is, like, the highest I’ve ever been. I’ve been high on a lot of stuff, and I’m pretty high right now. This feels great.’ It’s just that moment where your spirit is moved and it was just so cool. I just wanted more.

“It feels good to know that I used a gift God gave me to give something back to God. And it wasn’t just sex, drugs and rock and roll, me, me, me, me, me, how can I get more for me? Because when I lived my life along those lines, I crashed and burned. But when I started to use music as a way to be of service, to help people, to lift them up and inspire, and use it for what I call G.O.D. — good orderly direction — when I started using it for that, blessings came on to my life that I could never have imagined. So, to me, good orderly direction is the right direction.”

In addition to studying to become a Lutheran pastor, Ellefson presides over MEGA Life! Ministries, a foundation that reaches hundreds of churchgoers every week.

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