Megadeth’s Mustaine Talks New LP, More Big Four Shows

Dave MustaineDave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine

Kaaos TV has spoken with the man behind Megadeth, Mr. Dave Mustaine.

Blabbermouth has a transcript of that discussion, which centered around Megadeth’s new material.

Mustaine, who reveals he’s got 130 song ideas on his plate, says:

“[Those ideas are] little parts [at this point]. Not entire songs. Just pieces. I found over the years the Megadeth songs that had more twists and turns to them make me happier.

“When you’re looking back at somebody’s career that’s been as long as ours — over 30 years — it leaves a pretty good roadmap; you can see how bands change and evolve and stuff. And we may have gone a little to the left and a little to the right, but we’ve always stayed on track, and I think that the stuff that I like more is the more intricate guitar-playing stuff.

“When you’re doing songs for video games and for movies and stuff like that, they have to be a special way, and when you have success at radio in America, little success makes the label want you to have a lot of success. And if you wanna be successful, there are certain things you’ve gotta work on and work with.

“For me, I think that not worrying about radio, not worrying about movies, not worrying about video games anymore, just playing music that I wanna listen to, that, to me, will make me much happier.”

The new Megadeth material, Mustaine says, will be “heavy” and “fast.”

“We’re so at the front end of it. I know what I wanna do. But I’ve said that over and over and over, every time, ‘It’s gonna be heavy,’ ‘It’s gonna be fast,’ and then it turns out [that] it’s not. Because you get into the studio and the people that you’re working with, they’ll say, ‘Well, this is a good song.’ ‘Let’s do this.’ ‘Speed this up, slow this down, make this longer.’ And what I say to you today can totally change. It’s like saying, ‘I wanna have a kid,’ and then you end up having triplets. It’s totally unexpected what’s gonna come out.”

Mustaine also talked about the Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax), which hasn’t assembled for shows since 2011.

“Look, I’m open to playing; I don’t really care who I play with. We had fun. I think the fans had fun. It’s important that the fans do have a good time. I have nothing against it. There’s a lot of variables, though… You have all these different camps with the ‘Big Four’. I think that it would be great to do it some more, but there’s also the beauty of it being something special and not doing it everywhere, because the people that did get to see it got to see something really fantastic. You know, if meteors came by every single night, after a while, it’d be, like, ‘Oh, there’s another meteor.’ There’s something special about it being very rare. So I would, but it also has to work out for everybody.”

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