Megadeth’s Mustaine Talks Secession, Twinkies

Dave Mustaine

By now, we’ve all figured out that Dave Mustaine’s bat-shit crazy.

He rants and raves on just about any topic, especially when asked to. Recently, Dave said he learned a valuable lesson from his blaming a mass shooting on Barack Obama. But did he?

Last week in Atlantic City, Dave told the crowd to “look up online the word ‘secede,’ because right now there are 47 states in the United States of America that wanna secede from the United States of America.”

That means three don’t. I am guessing these would be New York, California, and Massachusetts? But I don’t know.

“And what ‘secede’ actually means is that they don’t wanna have any part of this bullshit any more. Whether you are a Democract or a Republican or a Libertarian or an Independent, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re Americans and we are not being treated right,” says Dave, who I’m sure lives a charmed life.

But just when you thought the lunacy had reached its pinnacle, here’s good old Dave blaming the fucking demise of Hostess on the president, too.

For those living outside the U.S., Hostess makes moist, delicious snake cakes with creamy filling. A union dispute has the fate of the company in question.

Dave blames the current administration.

“Did you hear that the people that make Twinkies today are going out of business after 82 years. Hostess. No more Twinkies,” said Mustaine during another recent gig.

“Although that kind of sounds a little funny, it’s really sad. It’s an institution, 82 year old institution — they are going out of business because of this bullshit that is going on right now in the government. And that means 18,000 more people are going on unemployment and it’s gonna be your responsibility to pay for them. It’s just not fair, it’s just not fair. One thing that would happen if I was president is I would treat you like you were my own.”

Imagine Mustaine as president. The gays would be slaughtered, freedoms would be restricted — but hey, we’d still have Devil Dogs.

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