Megasus To Release Two-Song Mini-EP Next Month


There’s something about Providence that breeds awesomeness. A bunch of great bands come from Providence. Daughters come from Providence. As The Sun Sets, Vital Remains, Kilgore Smudge…and probably a dozen others I am forgetting. Oh, and Megasus also read the ProJo.

Providence’s heavy metal warriors Megasus have announced that they will soon be releasing Menace Of The Universe, a new two-song mini EP. The effort drops this January through Brutal Panda Records.

The two songs on the disc were recorded this fall, and mark the first new material for the band since their 2009 self-titled debut, which was released on a label that rarely issues poop, 20 Buck Spin.

The min-EP will feature a six panel die-cut jacket and limited edition silkscreened art prints, designed and hand-numbered by the band’s own Ryan Lesser. More information on the offering is available here.

A record release show is being planned for early winter in Providence, with details to be released shortly. Additionally, the band is currently hard at work writing its sophomore full-length.

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