Melechesh Begin Work On Next LP

She thinks Melechesh is an exclusive night clubAccording to Blabbermouth, Mesopotamian black thrash act Melechesh have begun the pre-production for the follow-up to 2010’s The Epigenesis.

Not only that, but they’re doing it with two new members.

Melechesh has parted ways with longtime guitarist Moloch and drummer Xul.

Moloch had officially been out of Melechesh for eight months while he has been focusing on his higher education.

Xul’s replacement has been found but the band is keeping his name under wraps.

But Moloch has been replaced by new guitarist Sirius.

The new lineup will be debuted this fall during the band’s North American tour.

Band leader Ashmedi “asked Xul to leave. In the past, I thought such things are impossible, but you know what, family, companies, governments, kingdoms all go through changes. In a naive or a romantic way, we all think change is not good in such cases.

“On the contrary, it could be extremely vital for the longevity of music. What I am trying to say is I made these decisions for the sole purpose of improving the music and preventing stagnation. I was not happy with the status quo, so I had to do something about it. I wish Xul the best of luck I am certain he enjoyed this ride which was a good learning experience for everyone. Anyway I don’t worry about him as he plays in several other bands, so it’s all good.”

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