Meshuggah Mashup Motherload

If you need some simple entertainment, then check out this smorgasbord of amusing Meshuggah-related clips



Meshuggah are hard at work on their next installment of melting our faces to polyrhythms. While I am not a die-hard Meshuggah fan, I greatly appreciate their contribution to music — and no one can argue that Obzen didn’t have some killer tracks on it.

Besides the inspiration for time-signature changes and guitar tone, I also have to commend Meshuggah on being probably the best metal music to create the silliest mash-up videos with. Here are my favorites.

1. Soviet Soldiers Cossack Dancing to “Straws Pulled at Random”
Don’t let your dad see you watching a video of dancing Ruskies, unless you want him to go on a rant about the evils of communism. Okay, he’s not around? Hit play. Does it seem like these dudes have spring-loaded knees and Slinkies for backs? Best part of the video, though, is where it seem someone yells “open up this pit.”

You’ll spot when it comes up, promise.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio sings “Rational Gaze”
God bless whoever made this. If you ever feel disenchanted about working in an office setting, watch this and think imagine that as long as you keep that office job, there is a chance that this will happen to you.

3. Moms Teaching You How to Dance to “Demiurge”
I bet these ladies taught the dudes in the first video everything they know.

4. Little Kids Who Own Hard while Playing “Bleed”
If only this type of enthusiasm was exemplified by most metal bands. These little kids totally own whatever they’re playing, but when mashed up with Meshuggah it just gets me even more amped.

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