Metal From My ‘Hood: Abriosis

Let’s all meet a band from Sean Harris’ part of the world: Western Canada



The Metal From My ‘Hood series continues! As with my last article, you can obviously tell that there’s some serious talent in Western Canada. I find that for the most part it’s rather difficult to break into the scene here if you stray too far away from the real heavy stuff. Many times I’ve seen bands in this area be symphonic or edging very close to the hard rock side of things and not get nearly as much respect as tech death, thrash etc. I myself am a huge booster of ‘heavy as heavy gets’ and understand the difficulties some groups endure.

I feel if your trying to break into a metal scene, you have to be the first band that anyone thinks of in that particular sub-genre. If you’re a thrash band, you better be the best. If your symphonic, you better kick more ass than any other symphonic metal band in town.

When it comes to technical death metal or just plain death metal, there’s some killer acts in the Vancouver scene. Some are bigger than others and it’s very competitive among the ranks. Some are signed, some not, but when it comes to the unsigned variety, Abriosis was one band that totally caught my eye.

I managed to catch them for the first time at Funky Winkerbeans, one of the most legit bars for local metal acts. I didn’t know what to expect at first glance but what I would witness that night hit a huge nerve.

The drums were pounding. The bass was complete mayhem. The vocals were downright destructive and the guitars were beyond belief. I realized quickly, at my very first local show, that this was a band that you can not fuck with. This IS the premier death metal band. Everything they do kicks you in the balls at full speed and there’s no time to recover.

Originally they released a full length album entitled Tattered And Bound which met some acclaim but I feel that things didn’t real take off until they landed vocalist Alxs Ness. She brings an unmatched intensity behind the mic. She scared me so much that after that first devastating performance, I couldn’t muster up the courage to say hi. Luckily after a few more shows and a few more drinks, I finally approached her.

She punched me straight in the fucking face for saying hi to her.

I kid.

She’s an amazing person. You can tell she does it for the love of the music. She’s passionate, has heart and is totally selfless. Just the way vocalists should be.

Taylor Lipton is the man behind the axe and boy does he make me feel inadequate about my guitar playing skills. He does things that are inhuman on the guitar and he looks the part as well. I’ve heard of other super talented bands in town looking at his guitar tabs and giving up after a couple minutes.

Go see the dude live. Your jaw will get a workout more than your head because you won’t believe what your seeing. Another guy who loves the music, the scene and is a very valued member of our tight little community.

Ryan McDonnell and Robin Iwasiw round out the bass and drum duties respectively. They’re so in sync and are absolutely crushing every time I see them. Robin can also channel Tom Araya quite well and has one of the best “Angel Of Death” screams I’ve heard.

The music surely speaks for itself. Earplugs are a necessity.

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