Metal From My ‘Hood: Expain

Sean Harris introduces us to another band from his scene

Expain liveExpain live

Expain live

Now I’ve written about these five dudes before but once again, I have to show my brothers in Expain some love!

Expain started playing shows in Vancouver, British Columbia, in about 2009. They were originally called The Almighty Excruciating Pain but were forced to change their name in fear of a legal conflict from another band with the same name. Either way, Expain have been killing it on the Vancouver scene for years and their live shows are definitely something to behold. The stage presence they possess is legendary and the skill and musicianship behind the music is outstanding as well.

Pat Peeve is one of the guitarists and most likely one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. Joke after joke gets spewed out of his dirty mouth and we’re all wiser for hearing it. His redeeming quality is he’s an absolutely amazing guitar player and it translates well to the bands awesome progressive thrash sound.

Eric Morrison is the other guitarist and some immaculate riffs and wonderful solos have been part of his forte. A long time music school student, he’s over the top talented and he also cooks a mean steak and eggs for breakfast! He’ll also be one of my groomsmen for my wedding. Thank fuck there’s no open bar.

Nikko Whitworth is the extreme bassist and the skill just oozes off this man. He does things I couldn’t dream of doing on the four string and he’s also in about 27 other crazy jazz projects. He can also shred upright bass on a skateboard.

Ryan Idris is the man behind the kit and is obviously influenced by Gene Hoglan and Paul Bostaph because HE KILLS THE DRUM SET EVERY TIME HE PLAYS! Fast, accurate and downright evil, the kid can play. He also looks like Kirk Hammett.

Finally, vocalist Daniel Brand is a fresh import from England and has been killing the mic for a few years now. Known for his beautiful mane of red hair, he screams vernacular on a regular basis and can film and edit videos like a bastard. Their YouTube show “EXPTeeVee” has become a well known name in the scene due to the hilarity and the excellent quality.

Just a few days ago, Expain released a brand spanking new album. It’s entitled Just The Tip and boy, does that title work on so many levels. They’ve only had an EP release since their inception so this album has been long awaited.

How does the album sound?


I’ll give you my completely unbiased approach. It’s one of the finest independently released albums I’ve ever heard in my life. From the short intro track “Bacchus” all the way to the perfect closer in “Eating A Beating Heart,” there’s so many quality thrashers on the disc. “The King” is a personal favorite of mine as the musicianship is ridiculously tight. “Aggressions Progressions” has an absolutely beautiful dueling solo section and ‘Manatee’ has a sick bass solo.

Overall it’s 11 tracks of pure thrash mayhem and I’m super proud to call these cats my friends.

I can’t wait for you to get Just The Tip!

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