Metal From My ‘Hood: Ogroem

Canada’s answer to Anal Cunt?

Ogroem Ogroem 


Ogroem. The name resonates in the Vancouver metal scene but it also confuses. If you’re not in the know, you would never realize that their name is an acronym that stands for — wait for it — organized gang rape of elderly men. 

As you can plainly see, it’s always a blast when these dudes are around. They’ve been grinding their way into our hearts for a couple years now and they have even shared the stage with acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Archspire. Not too shabby at all. They earned a slot on the Armstrong Metal Fest bill in July and have a tour coming soon, in support of their upcoming release Prey For Bukkake.

Their first EP release turned quite a few heads as the four song killer PlacentE.P. was not only an absolute killer but was very cleverly titled. This is exactly what a grindcore band should be and they pull it off with utmost ferocity. 

All the songs in the Ogroem catalog are hilariously titled, to the point where by the time you finish laughing about it, the song is over and you have to hit repeat. Believe me, I’ve done it. I think only Anal Cunt could hold a candle to song titles like “Go Fuck Yourselfie,” “Butterball Pussy Stuffer” and “Break In And Excrement.” How could you not love a band like that?

Earl “Classy” Clackston is the lead vocalist and he’s been on the scene for years and is highly respected in our little community. The guys vocals are almost unattainable by any other human and he’s right up there when mentioning the cities best.

Kyden McGOREmick is the lead guitarist and is easily spotted anywhere in town with his wonderful vest that’s complete with Austin 3:16 patches. His lime green guitar is as recognizable as his long locks and entertaining personality are. 

John Grindall is exactly that; the grinding throne man who has about as much finesse as a rottweiler on crack. Although, for a grindcore band, that’s not really a bad thing. He annihilates that kit every time he sits behind it and bears a striking resemblance to Vince Suecof from the movie “Rat Race.”

Taylor Lipton, whom I’ve mentioned before in great length for being the stupidly talented guitarist of Abriosis, hammers the bass for Ogroem. If I say too many more nice things about him he might leave his fiancee for me so I digress. 

Make sure you seek out the music of Ogroem whether you enjoy grind or not. You’ll be more than happy you did. 


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