Metal From My ‘Hood: Witch Of The Waste

Canadian band aligns itself with Gojira’s management

Witch Of The WasteWitch Of The Waste

Witch Of The Waste

Just like last edition, it sure isn’t very hard to find amazing local talent in Vancouver, British Columbia. Whether it’s thrash metal, death, power or in this case, more progressive, the western Canadian scene is overflowing with skill.

One of the bands that has achieved quite a loyal following is Witch of The Waste.

Melding together very progressive style riffs with an overall punk type feeling, they remind me most of a Dillinger Escape Plan style. Intensity is the name of the game as their live show pulls no punches. It’s in your face, extreme and the crowd eats it right up. Shows with these dudes can get downright violent, which fits the music extraordinarily well.

They released a six song EP early in 2013 to a very positive reception.

“All Other Voices” hammers the point home; this isn’t a band that should be fucked with. Ryan Fitzgerald and his wild shrieks and screams add a fabulous layer of fierceness to the product. He’s also no stranger to engaging in twitter wars with Malevolent Creation.

Michael Holme is the most recent addition to the five some and crazy stage presence and head banging is the name of the game for him. Witch of The Waste’s bassist moves around so quickly and so much that whenever I try to film him with my crappy camera, it has serious frame rate issues. Michael Holme, too fast for video cameras.

There’s not much more I can say about guitarists Phil Jones and Peter Sacco other than the sheer expertise and savvy they possess behind those guitars. Their tones are particular high points and I couldn’t imagine any other two to fit the bill quite as well as them.

Jeremy Gilmartin is the kitman and his ability is completely off the charts. The guy can play nearly anything and he picks things up stupidly fast. Sure helps that he’s handsome and metal as fuck as well.

They’ve hooked up with the perfect management group as well. Left Hand Path Management has helped bolster their success very well as they’ve landed high profile gigs with some of metals current heaviest hitters. Does Gojira, Animals As Leaders, Cryptopsy and Norma Jean ring a bell? All have been crossed off the gig bucket list by WOTW.

New music is coming from them very soon and I’m more than excited to hear it. Do yourself a favor and check this band out and you’ll be stoked on new material as well.

All Other Voices by Witch Of The Waste

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