MetalSucks Doesn’t Like Us Anymore


In fact, they probably never did.

Anyways, so yesterday, I posted this article — about some guy who has never advertised on my site, Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen, going on a rant against one of the founders of MetalSucks. Today, the site unceremoniously removed a link to Gun Shy Assassin from their blog roll — not that it helped boost my traffic ever.

Looks like someone didn’t like the fact that I agreed with the fact that it’s a puss move to slam bands time and again with an alias. Oh well.

I wrote to Axl Rosenberg today, telling him that I thought that was a weak fucking move. I haven’t gotten a response and didn’t expect one. All I did was post the scathing vitriol of a label head and agree with some of his funnier points, and a bunch of dudes who make a living dishing it out seemingly couldn’t take it back.

The thing about metal is it’s a community. Almost like a family. And families can be dysfunctional; ours certainly is, kids. But they never forget that they’re family. They work towards the common good. The share the wealth. But not MetalSucks.

In the interest of full disclosure, the whole reason why I first started this site was I was encouraged by one of those dudes, who waved a metaphoric carrot in front of my face. I had just been dumped by Noisecreep for fighting with a publicist and calling her a “fucking weasel,” and had lunch with Axl. “Do your own thing,” he said, telling me if I did enough traffic, I’d get into their ad network, which is filled with a bunch of sites no one cares about.

I started Gun Shy, and a year later, I am still on my own, selling my own ads. I’ve been told twice there wasn’t space for the likes of me, and so I’ve moved on. No, I’m not making enough to where I don’t need a day job yet, but I’m getting along fine without them. And in a year, things will be different.

I try to be honest with you on this blog. No, I am not complaining. I’m honestly over any of the bullshit that happened with those dudes. It is unsettling that publicists throw so many exclusives at them, but there’s nothing I can really do to change that beyond asking that they save a little something for Gun Shy.

I didn’t even notice until a reader pointed it out to me that I was pulled from their blog roll. Because I stopped reading that site months ago, because it’s not funny any more. I do think it’s interesting though. A site that made their name ripping people apart, and I can’t repost some other dude’s rant as a story without someone’s vagina bleeding.

I, on the other hand, will not remove MetalSucks from my blog roll. Nope. I will be the bigger man. Scratch that — I’ll just be a man.

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