Microsoft Ditches Facebook Integration in Windows 10 Mobile Apps

Windows 10 Mobile will be released in a few months’ time and it seems Microsoft is really gearing itself towards this official release.

While you’ll find Android and iOS mobile operating systems locked at loggerheads, trying as much as they can to adapt the features that are offered on the other platform just so that they can stay on top of each other, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile OS is totally very different from this park. In fact, there is no Windows Phone device that has ever emulated the features of the iOS or Android.

What is actually happening is that the iOS and Android are very busy borrowing leaves from this Microsoft OS. For instance, the iOS 9 will be coming in with multi-screen views that will let the users of iPads enjoy multitasking on their devices, something that has been ever present in the Surface Pro tablets.

One family, one product and one interface

Windows 10 Mobile will come in to revolutionize the world of mobile phones. The company behind this OS says that this platform is meant to bring the past, present and future in one place. Furthermore, this operating system is expected to bridge the gap between smartphones, desktops and tablets. The OS will also work on much bigger screens as well as on much smaller screens. In short, Windows 10 will mean one family of devices, one product and one interface.

On the other hand, Facebook has not been letting go either. What this company does is that is acquires other apps in the industry on its way to glory. In such a short period of time, Facebook has managed to get hold of two very important apps today – WhatsApp and Instagram. At the moment, more than 1.4 billion use Facebook while another 800 million are on WhatsApp, with Instagram trailing with about 300 million users. In short, Facebook controls a massive user base of over 2 billion people from all over the world.

Facebook integration in Windows Phone to be dropped in Windows 10 Mobile

One thing that really strengthens Facebook is the fact it integrates its services in numerous apps and devices. One such platform was the Windows Phone OS where users could easily bring together users of Microsoft using a Facebook connect tool. Using this tool, it was possible for Windows Phone users to connect their Microsoft account to their Facebook account and in this way; they will be able to see all their Facebook friends on Outlook and in the Windows People app.

This Facebook connect tool also allowed the users of OneDrive, the Photo Gallery as well as other apps like Movie Maker to easily share content on Facebook. All these are gone and Microsoft will now have to depend on its prowess as far as social media sharing is concerned. Whether this is Facebook’s way of getting back at their competitor is still unknown. However, what is obvious is that there are a lot of services that will be affected by this move; for instance Outlook, Skype and other apps that benefited from the Facebook-Microsoft relationship.

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