Microsoft Lumia 940XL Bendgate Results – Windows Flagship Breaks Upon Bending

The iPhone 6 Plus caused a lot of waves in the smartphone world when it was released.

This is because of the fact that the phone was discovered to have a unique feature that allowed it to bend according to the position one assumes when the phone is in the pocket.

The first quarter of this year has seen more than 75 million units of this phone sold, which makes this device one of the most successful Apple smartphones. However, things started changing when the Bendgate results came out. There are some people who were afraid that the phone might break while in their pockets; however, considering the force the people at Bendgate use to test these devices, it is unlikely that the phone can break when in your pocket.

When a force of about 110lb is applied to the iPhone 6 Plus, it will break the phone into pieces. Apple worked around the clock and ensured that this fear was eliminated among the users of their flagship devices.

Microsoft Lumia 940XL can bend and break

As it is usually said, the best brains will learn from the mistakes that happened in the past. It doesn’t have to be you who made the mistake, but you can watch and learn from the mistakes made by others. In this regard, Microsoft cannot be termed as the best brain as it has repeated the same mistake that almost lost its competitor a fortune in the smartphone world.

The new Microsoft Lumia 940XL is the next in line to face the same criticism as the iPhone 6 Plus. At the moment, there is no official news regarding the release date of the Lumia 940XL, however, there are already rumors flooding the internet with claims that the Microsoft Lumia 940XL breaks when subjected to bending.

If this is true, the image of Microsoft with respect to smartphones will be tainted and it will be very hard to convince some users that this device is worth buying. However, it might still get a huge following given the fact the new Windows 10 Mobile will come preinstalled in the phone and this OS has largely been anticipated by many people.

At the moment, nothing about this report can be proved just yet as most of it is based on rumors. However, keep following us and we will inform you of any developments regarding the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940XL.

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