Mike Amott Was Too Busy For New Carcass LP


There are always two sides to every story. But as a Carcass fan, if it turns out to be true Mike Amott was “too busy” to take part in the band’s reunion, I think I might lose a modicum of respect for the man.

I mean, it is kind of shitty he didn’t participate in the reunion. I was hoping he would. But I guess he had his reasons.

But “too busy?” What the hell is Arch Enemy doing right now? What have they been doing the last year?

Jeff Walker did an interview with Ghost Cult, and recalled how the reunion came together.

“We got together in 2007 when Bill [Steer; guitar] finally agreed on doing a couple of gigs,” says Jeff.

“We didn’t play any gigs that year, because I walked away from the whole thing, due to certain business arrangements I wasn’t happy about. In 2008, the whole reunion thing came about. It was never meant as a long-term thing. Then 2009 came about and we got more and better offers coming in. Same thing in 2010, including a couple of events and venues we hadn’t played before.

“Last gig we did as Carcass was in August 2010 with Michael Amott and Daniel Erlandsson of Arch Enemy,” Walker adds. “That was the closure on the whole reunion thing, because Michael made it explicitly clear he’d be too busy with his own bands to even consider doing anything in the future with Carcass. At that point, we hadn’t discussed doing anything beyond the whole reunion thing, so that was quite a relief. At some point, Bill contacted me about whether I’d fancy doing anything with Dan Wilding, who was a member of Aborted when they toured the U.S. Bill has a thing with drummers and he wanted to do something musically with Dan.

“As for me, I was really prepared and willing to do more music with Carcass back in 2009. When you’re in a band with Bill Steer, Michael Amott and Daniel Erlandsson, it would be wasting a great opportunity not to. Daniel would have made himself available if we would continue doing music with Carcass, but when push came to shove, he had to make a decision and he decided to stay with Arch Enemy. It wasn’t really a matter of choosing for him. If he stuck around for longer, a Carcass album would have been around sooner perhaps.”

Carcass have an album coming out called Surgical Steel. I’m psyched.

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