Mike Portnoy Says He’s Heartbroken Over Dream Theater

She hates whiny dudes like Mike

Drummer Mike Portnoy — you know, the dude who bolted Dream Theater, tried to get back in, was denied, and then started a new band called Adrenaline Mob — was on VH-1 Classic’s unwatchable “That Metal Show,” and he says his heart is crushed.

Portnoy, of course, was with Avenged Sevenfold when he left Dream Theater. The guys on the show needed a quick refresher from Mike on why he left — “I’ll just say that I think we could have used a break. ‘Cause 25 years without a break is a long time” — and then, he started getting metaphorical.

“I love the baby — Dream Theater is my baby, it’s my child — but sometimes a marriage stays together for the sake of the child and not necessarily for the sake of the relationship,” says Mike.

“I’ll always love the baby; I guess I kind of fell out of love with a couple of the wives. But I just wanna say that I didn’t wanna leave the band. I said, ‘Look, 25 years is a long time. Let’s just take a year or two and then come back together. The fans would be excited, we would be refreshed.’ And they didn’t wanna wait. So I either had to go unwillingly and start [work on] the next [Dream Theater] record or step aside.”

Sooooooooooo…you left the band then, right? They wanted to keep going, knowing you need to strike while that iron’s fucking hot, and you wanted to take a break. So you left. How’s that break? Not good, it seems.

“I would absolutely love to be reunited with the guys in a couple of years, but you know, who knows what’s gonna happen with them right now?! So, really, it’s up to them and where they go. In the meantime, I really don’t want people to think that I’m lingering on this; I’m only answering it because you’ve asked me… It’s been difficult for me to even talk about this. And people think… ‘cause there’ll be Blabbermouth [and Gun Shy Assassin] headlines… I’ll pour out my heart and soul trying to explain this so people understand, and yet these web sites will reduce it to a shocking blurb and just trying to strike up controversy.”

Dude, you sound like such a whiny bitch. The best answer you could’ve given those nitwits was, “You know what went down. And if you don’t, there’s this thing called Google. I’m fucking tired of talking about what was the biggest mistake of my professional life.” That would have had fans begging the band to let you back into Dream Theater. I have made mistakes. I have dealt with it…for the most part. And am dealing with it. People ask me about it, I tell ‘em to “Google it.”

“The reality is, this is a heartbreaking thing for me and I miss and love those guys, and that was my band for 25 years,” says Mike. “So it’s a hard thing for me to stand and see [them carrying on] without me. I used to joke with those guys all the time. I was like, ‘Guys, if I die in a plane crash, don’t go on without me. Don’t say, ‘He would have wanted us to continue.’’ I used to say, ‘That’s basically saying, ‘Well, he’s completely replaceable.’’ So I used to joke about that all the time. So now when I see a Dream Theater without me, I’ve gotta be honest — it breaks my heart. There’s the Blabbermouth blurb right there. Oh, God, I’m doomed. Oh, man.”

You’re a tool.

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