Minecraft Mods That You Have To Download Now

The world of Minecraft is a very rich and diverse one and you can easily find many mods you can download in order to enjoy the game even more. From nature, to magic and technology, there are many new elements you can add to the game in order to make it more interesting and fun to play. So let’s waste no more time with the intro and take a closer look at the best Minecraft mods that you have to download now.

If you’re an avid Minecraft player, then you probably know by now that the default maps are pretty lame. If you want to use them, you need to pull them out and look down in order to use them. On top of that, they will only show you where you are in the game and not much else. However, all of that can be fixed by installing the JourneyMap mod.

This is a very impressive mod that is going to display in real time where you are on the map and at the same time you can also set waypoints that you’ll be able to return to later on. So if you’re someone who always gets lost in the game and rarely finds his way back anywhere, you may want to give this mod a try. EnderIO Getting things where you need to is generally a very big problem in Minecraft, but fortunately, EnderIO completely solves that problem.

The way it does it is by providing you with compact conduits carrying power, items, fluid and redstone signals. On top of that, you’re also going to get several machines that can help you process more ore. So if you always find yourself short on resources, then you may want to consider installing EnderIO right away. Thaumcraft

If you like to play the sorcerer in Minecraft, then it’s best that you install the Thaumcraft mod like right now. So what is this mod all about? Well, it basically allows you to draw out the essence out of physical objects in the Minecraft universe and then use that essence to create new forms. You can create golems, wands, altars and also hundreds of jars of colored goo. And if you want to research new and more powerful spells that you can use to instantly defeat your enemies, then it’s must that you get this mod right away.

If you have a low end computer or laptop, then Minecraft is not going to run that well on it. Luckily, with Optifine you’ll be able to run the game on almost any system and also make the game look better. Since it supports smooth lighting, HD textures and mode, don’t be surprised when you’ll notice that your framerate has suddenly doubled after installing the mod. It literally makes playing the game possible on computers on which the original version would be unplayable. That’s awesome to say the least!

Now that you know all these mods, how about you go give them a try like right now?

You’ll be surprised of how smooth and great Minecraft looks, not to mention how that much more interesting it’s going to be thanks to the addition of spells, golems and other features.

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