Minecraft Xbox 360 TU21 Update Features

As part of their continuous efforts to improve the game 4J studios released Title Update 21 on February 11. Unlike previous updates the patch addressed mostly issues and it was pushed to Xbox 360 and all other consoles running Minecraft. While most of the bugs fixed were not game breaking several fixes addressed in TU21 corrected some problems that caused the Minecraft client to crash.

Prior to the patch, 4J Studios teased their fans via Twitter by announcing the patch one day ahead. The announcement addressed the patch deployment across all platforms. Earlier in January the developers also announced that they are working on Title Update 21 which would contain only bug fixes.

TU21 Update Notes

Some of the bugs listed in the patch notes that were fixed were actually reported by the community as they were fairly common and affected gameplay in one way or another. Here is the list of the 9 fixes implemented in TU21:

– Minecart limit has been increased
– Multiple Redstone bugs were fixed
– Tamed horses no longer despawn when they are used in a fenced-off area
– Map crafting now results in an Empty Map
– Fixed a bug with village generation
– Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when using a Noteblock
– Fixed a bug that caused mobs to spawn inside Witch Huts immediately after a game reload
– Fixed a bug that caused Chests and Blaze Spawners to now appear after a Nether Reset
– Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when traveling with Minecarts trough Nether Portals

Out of all the bugs listed in the patch the horse respawn one has been the most notorious one followed by the issues with client crashes. Players allegedly reported these problems to 4J Studios in order for them to be fixed. According to the community, prior to patch day they had to issues with Witch Huts. They were supposed to spawn only witches but the bug caused them to be replaced by random mobs and there are plenty of things worse than witches in Minecraft.

Also the fact that horses despawn was quite annoying. Most unknowing players would find themselves losing their horse when wandering in a fenced off area which can be extremely annoying. It did not take long and the devs started working immediately to fix the issues.

An additional bug was fixed with the patch but it only addressed PS Vita owners. According to Title Update 21 change log, a bug caused clouds to be rendered as 2D objects on the Vita.

Since then the dev team deployed two more Title Updates. Title Update 22 was released on February 27, just two weeks after TU21. On March 25th another Title Update was pushed to all consoles and PC users. Now the team is working on title update 24 which could bring some new items, crafting recipes and even more bug fixes. No official details have been posted so far about the next title update but according to their development cycle there should be a patch released sometime in April. It seems that 4J studios like to push at least a patch per month.

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