Molotov Solution Reveal New Album’s Art

Pretty fucking phat

Man, so, I had two hot dogs with onions today. My buddy Sean took me out for lunch. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately, and have just wanted to hole myself up in my living room — but he’s my best friend, and insisted I get out.

Anyways, I mention Sean because it was with him and my pal Matt that I made a molotov cocktail at the age of 16. Every time I get an email about Molotov Solution, I think of this one particularly destructive day on the beach.

I grew up on Long Island, near the beach — in a sleepy little resort town where, during the weekend, there’s nothing to do but fuck, get drunk, and be destructive. One day, we filled a bottle with gas, took an oily rag and some matches down to the beach.

We stuffed the rag into the bottle. My friend Sean threw it, and my friend Matt lit it. I supervised. Sean hurled the bottle at a rock on the beach, and when that bottle broke, a fireball erupted all around the rock. The heat from the blast warmed my face. We looked at each other, and just started laughing as the gas burned away, leaving the rock charred and smoldering.

Anyways, the new album from Molotov Solution — Insurrection — will be in stores on October 25. That is the art, and the second song to debut from the album should hit the web before month’s end.

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