Mortiis To Release Entire Album For Free Download


Why, that’s a novel business approach — fund the production of an album with your own dough, then just give the fucking thing away. Radiohead did something similar, only they charged fans a nominal fee for In Rainbows and they made a fucking killing. I guess Mortiis — a novelty metal act that dresses up like goblins or some shit — figure no one’s gonna pay for their next album. I don’t know. Charge something, guys! Five bucks. TWO bucks even. But to give it away for free?

Mortiis, the band’s leader, explains: “Putting Perfectly Defect out as a free download was a decision we made after some consideration. The new model of the music business is important to keep in mind; there’s a new mentality out there in terms of how people acquire their music now. For better or worse, music seems to have become a medium a lot of people aren’t prepared to pay for in the old-fashioned way. So, we paid to record it out of our own pockets [because] we thought it would be a really cool gift to our fans that have been waiting around for ages for something new to come out.”

Nice gift? That sure is a nice gift. I guess Mortiis figure they’ll make it up on tour, with merchandise. But the move still confuses me, because band’s tour to make bread — not to make up the expense of a record they’re promoting. The album will be available for free download through Mortiis’ site starting October 10.

What giving the disc away is ultimately about is control, Mortiis claims. “After our record deal finally expired, I had developed a profound aversion to the very idea of letting other people control my art, my lifework,” Mortiis says. “So, again, the idea of the new technology really did grow on me. We dealt with some really evil stuff in the industry. Nothing shocking in terms of industry practice, but at a human level, it was a living nightmare. It reached a point where we fired everyone around us except for the handful of people we knew we could trust. It was a big move, but had to be done in order to survive. It was like rewinding the clock back to the start and beginning with a clean slate. We started working on a ton of new music right then. With the advent of modern technology, we realized we could do a lot of stuff without the often self-serving, meddling record labels. No record label would ever have let us put out an album for free, with the option to donate if the fans wanted to.

“The songs on Perfectly Defect were created across a period of time, and I believe it shows in terms of what inspired these songs,” he continues. “They’re rather soundtrack-y in a dark and sometimes bombastic way.”

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