Motörhead Frontman Discusses Boning Chicks, Death, Nazi Stuff

My hero

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister definitely has opinions on a variety of topics. And in a recent interview with The Independent, Lemmy spoke out on a number of topics and issues, including babes, old age, and his penchant for collecting Nazi memorabilia.

“In your twenties, you think you are immortal,” says Lemmy, who will probably never die, because he’s half machine. “In your thirties, you hope you are immortal. In your forties, you just pray it doesn’t hurt too much, and by the time you reach my age, you become convinced that, well, it could be just around the corner. Do I think about death a lot? It’s difficult not to when you’re 65, son.”

I love that Lemmy calls people son. It’s actually quite possible, though, that Lemmy only calls people son because, chances are, he’s their dad. I wish Lemmy was my dad. I’d probably be in a biker gang by now, spreading HPV like nobody’s business. “If I do die sooner rather than later, I’ll be satisfied with what I’ve done,” Lemmy continues. “I’ve had a good life, I’ve been around the world, met all kinds of people. I’ve made people laugh, I’ve fucked chicks of every color, shape, religion and persuasion. I’ve had a whale of a time out of rock and roll, and rock and roll has had a whale of a time out of me. That’ll do.”

Lemmy says he doesn’t ever see himself retiring, because then the broad quotient will die down. “Girls always did loom large in my life. Every summer, these families would arrive from places like Manchester for their summer holidays. They’d come for a week, and their daughters were always up for a good time. They kept me very busy.”

Oh Lemmy. To have lived a life like yours. What a guy! Unfortunately, Lemmy never found true love. “Falling in love is terrible. It makes you act foolish, like an idiot. You sign your life over when you fall in love, and it’s awful, it’s torture. You end up walking past their house at night and looking up longingly at their window…Who wants to live like that?”

Then, he’s asked about all that offensive Nazi shit he likes to collect, and he makes no apologies for his affinity for Nazi crap.

“Look, as I’ve always said, it’s not my fault the bad guys had the best shit,” he says. “But by collecting Nazi memorabilia, it doesn’t mean I’m a fascist, or a skinhead. I’m not. I just liked the clobber. And let me tell you, the kind of people who do collect this stuff, they aren’t yobbos [a slang term for an uncouth or thuggish working-class person] either. They are people with Masters [degrees], they are doctors, professors. I’ve always liked a good uniform, and throughout history, it’s always been the bad guy who dressed the best: Napoleon, the Confederates, the Nazis. If we had a good uniform, I’d collect ours as well, but what does the British Army have? Khaki. Makes them look like a fucking swamp frog…”

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