Municipal Waste Make Me Sick

Innards: It’s what’s for dinner

So, this morning, my friend Zeena Koda hops on my Facebook page and leaves me a link to the new Municipal Waste video, which debuted today on Fangoria. Her note to me was “Check it — the video is hilarious.”

I’m never one to turn down the chance to laugh my balls off, so I checked the video out. Its for the track “Acid Sentence,” and as you could probably guess from the title, the clip was not all that funny at all.

In fact, my stomach started feeling like someone shot me in the gut with a cannonball. Perhaps its because I still haven’t had lunch yet, but now, after seeing this clip, I don’t want to.

Warning: This shit is mad gory, son. I mean, I love Municipal Waste just as much as the next guy, and I’m a fan of horror flicks, but something tells me none of this video was faked. I think someone actually killed a woman, dismembered her, and tossed her in a vat of acid for the video. This shit just looks too real to me.

There’s eyeball crushing and flesh slicing, and all kinds of vomit-inducing imagery. And I guess there was no other way around it, seeing as the song — from last year’s Massive Aggressive — is about serial killer John Haigh. He bathed his victims in acid. Sick fuck.

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