Mutant Supremacy: The Gun Shy Interview

Mutant Supremacy

Brooklyn’s Mutant Supremacy are a vicious death metal band that first took root at a Vital Remains show, where Atakke guitarist Sam Awry met drummer Robert Nelson. It was the first gig on that Vital Remains tour to go on following Glen Benton’s announcement that he was no longer in the band, and most of the people who showed wanted a refund.

Sam and Robert were among the 25 people who stuck around despite Benton’s absence, and the two just started talking. Now, they’ve got a new album called Infinite Suffering out now, and it’s death metal to the core. Raw, frenzied, and punishing, this band is bound for greatness. Too bad Sam’s got college keeping him from taking the band full-time.

“I’m a history major, but all I ever really wanted to do is play my guitar but I’m 31 and married now and need to maybe think about not working in restaurants the rest of my life,” Awry — a student at Hunter College — tells Gun Shy Assassin. “That shit sucks.”

Awry — who claims the first metal record he owned was a Metallica disc his friend let him borrow so he could tape it — doesn’t want to teach, though. He’s just a history buff with a guitar who decided to get a degree. Still, if he could perhaps teach at the college level with all the buxom young college girls, maybe he’d reconsider. “There’s a certain Indiana Jones appeal to this but I kind of feel like what one learns from history is this pattern. History doesn’t repeat itself — it’s people who are ignorant of history who repeat themselves. I feel like the U.S. should have some history majors on hire to be like, ‘No, mother fucker! Don’t invade Afghanistan — it’s never worked.’”

Mutant Supremacy have booked some Canadian gigs with Atakke, oddly enough. Fans of Atakke who may have thought the band were done can take heart in the knowledge that they’re on like teflon. It’s just that singer Chloe Puke decided to take some time off last year, and they’ve been quiet. But they’re coming back.

Mutant Supremacy are heavy. They’re not for the faint of heart or even fans of shitty deathcore. This is serious death metal and it’s not made to adhere to the latest trends. It’s made for a specified audience — people who have awesome taste.

“I don’t really know what the general trend these days is. I am very much out of touch with what the kids are doing,” Sam says. “Deathcore… those bands are corny as fuck. But it’s the same way that thrash got popular five years ago, and all of a sudden there were a bunch of 16-year-olds who’ve heard of Sodom and Possessed and Iron Angel and Assassin. With the internet, anyone who wants to dig will dig. We’re not trying to make a revolution. We’re just trying to make music people will like. If we wanted to be super popular, we wouldn’t be doing death metal. Five people make a living off of death metal. Cannibal Corpse. Those five people.”

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