Napalm Death Bassist Defends Babymetal

No, Shane…no



OK, this just needs to stop.

Respectable metal dudes need to stop coming to the defense of this sham teenybopper metal outfit Babymetal.

Let’s let Napalm Death’s Shane Embury be the last of them.

He writes:

“I know young kids who already listen to grindcore. There are people who turn up to our shows with kids that are eight or nine years old, and Babymetal is obviously way more accessible than what we do. I don’t think that’s a bad thing — I’ve got a baby girl who is eight months old, and if she starts bopping around to Babymetal or their equivalent, I’d be cool with that.”

What the fuck. These comments appear in Metal Hammer, by the way.

Shane continued:

“If you look at Slipknot, they took the heavy guitar to a massive audience. You can look at a Slipknot fan and a Napalm Death fan and sometimes there’s a crossover and sometimes there’s not at all, but either way, those people are getting used to the heavy guitar and drums and it makes it easier for them to explore other bands later on. In the same way, Babymetal will more than likely cross over to young kids and get them used to that heavy sound.

“Some people are also offended simply by Babymetal being labelled as metal. Why? Why would you get offended? It’s a big genre, metal. There’s all kinds of bands crossing over. Bands like Evanescence or the whole folk metal thing. Some people could find it ridiculous, but I wouldn’t be that negative. I might not like it, but I find it interesting that heavy guitars are used in different ways. For me, Babymetal is an extension of that.”

Babymetal is indefensible.

It’s the worst thing to happen to metal since Godsmack.

Yeah, I said it. I went there.

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