Nevermore Frontman Learned Loomis, Williams Walked Online

Warrel Dane

That’s right. Apparently, in addition to reading Gun Shy Assassin, Warrel Dane reads Blabbermouth too. And that’s how he apparently learned his band Nevermore were down two dudes.

“Well, I didn’t separate from Jeff; Jeff separated from me — that was his choice. And he, I think, wants to focus more on being a guitar hero and doing solo records. And this whole thing, this split with Jeff…. I mean, I could give a shit about our drummer — we never got along anyway — but Jeff was one of my best friends,” Dane starts in a recent interview.

“And it’s like going through a very painful divorce. I’m still very upset about the way it happened, because I didn’t know that they were quitting the band until I saw on Blabbermouth. And that’s not the way you treat your friends. We could have talked. And that was really, really shitty. I still talk to Jeff sometimes, but he’s in his own world right now, so good luck to him. I love him — he’s like my brother, but… There’s not a whole lot I can say about that.”

Dane says Nevermore are still a band, which is actually kind of impossible without Loomis, if you wanna know where I motherfucking stand.

“We’re still going to use Attila [Vörös], the guitar player that was playing with Nevermore when all this happened. And I think we have a new drummer — I’m still deciding,” says Dane. “The guitar players that are submitting their YouTube videos to me for auditions, some of them are just fucking phenomenal. And I’m kind of humbled by all this, because I didn’t realize that there are so many talented kids out there. Replacing Jeff is hard, so it’s gonna be a slow process. And I will not replace Jeff until find the perfect guitar player — someone that can write songs and someone that can play solos…Nevermore is still a band; there was just two people that quit.”

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